Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charity Auction

April 22, 2011 The Hook Up by MC is hosting an online auction on our facebook page for my Uncle Mark.  We did an amazing job raising $1,200 for him in January.  That money has helped with his trips back and forth from Phoenix to Chicago every other week the past four months.  It also helped pay for medications he needed. 

I had some amazing boutiques sign up last time.  I am hoping to try and make this one a bit bigger than last time.  If you can create and would like to donate an item (or more) please let me know by emailing me!!  I will need a photo of the item, a brief description, retail value (to determine starting big), shipping (free or charge), if you are charging for shipping you will be responsible for billing that. Thank you for donating to this very dear to my heart charity.

Who is Uncle Mark?  My wonderful uncle that has been battling a hard battle with colon cancer.  He has been going to work while getting chemo and making sure his family (see photo below) is taken care of.  He is the strongest, most amazing & inspirational man that I know.  He has always been there for me and this is how I am there for him.  Helping anyway that I can. 

This image is my Aunt & Uncle, their kids & spouses and their grandbabies! 9 (10 tomorrow) of them live at the house & 7 live nearby and are over just about everyday. 

Please help me help them. <3

A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity or cause chosen by my aunt and uncle while the rest will go to my uncle for treatments.

Thank you!

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