Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*NeW* Product

Nia's.... What is a "Nia"?  Well Nia means Nephew in Irish Gaelic.  I recently lost my [just turned 4 year old] nephew in a drowning accident.  I made him one of these beautiful stuffed creatures and laid him to rest with it forever.  I then came home and named them Nia in honor of him. 

I made him and my son matching ones except Richie's (my nephew) has a sweet and special heart on it.  When I made it we were not sure what the outcome of his condition would be.  He was in critical condition at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake.  When we got to the hospital they pulled the plug.  I held him and told him how special he was and that Auntie made him something extra special just for him.   <tear>

Each Nia is unique and made with extra love. 

Green mini Nia and Large blue Nia

Thank you for reading how I came up with Nia's.

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